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Version 4.0

About asWedit

asWedit is a comprehensive and easy to use HTML and text editor for X Window System and Motif. It offers three independent modes: a plain text editing mode and two context-sensitive, validating modes for authoring of HyperText Markup Language documents as used on the Internet and intranets.

Who by ?

AdvaSoft Ltd
London, England

Release date

05 August 1998

Last updated:
20 March 1999 (Linux only bug fixes v. 4.0.1)


asWedit is available for free for students and staff in education and charitable non-profit organizations (non-commercial usage only), and for free evaluation by individuals and commercial organizations. See the license for details.

Download servers

asWedit is available in binary form by anonymous ftp and via http from:
The software is mirrored on many archives including the following:

Supported systems

file Id System OS
rs6k.aix4.2 IBM RS/6000 AIX 4.2
rs6k.aix3.2.5 IBM RS/6000 AIX 3.2.5
alpha.osf-v3 DEC Alpha Digital Unix/OSF1 V3.x
hp.hpux10 HP9000 700/800 HP-UX 10.20
sgi.irix5 SGI IRIX 5.x
i386.linux PC, i386 Linux 1.2.x (ELF)
i386.linux.deb PC, i386 Linux 1.2.x, as above, Debian format
i386.linux_dyna PC, i386 Linux 1.2.x (Motif libXm v.2 req.!)
i386.solaris2.6 PC, i386 SunOS 5.6
i386.sco5 PC, i386 SCO OpenServer 5
i386.sco PC, i386 SCO
sparc.solaris2.6 SUN Sparc SunOS 5.6
sparc.solaris2.5 SUN Sparc SunOS 5.5
(Note: the links above point to the current mirror site)

Support for other x86 based systems:

  1. UnixWare users can use the binary-compatible "i386.sco" version.
  2. Free BSD users can obtain a version for their system from the ELF "i386.linux" version by applying the following or similar transformation:
        brandelf -t Linux asWedit
    (the linux_lib package must be installed).

Obtaining the distribution

To obtain the binary distribution please download the gzip-compressed tar file for your platform and then unpack it (with the exception of the Linux Debian distribution, for which the standard Debian installation tools should be used after downloading). For example for IRIX 5 download the file asWedit-4.0-sgi.irix5.tar.gz. To unpack it you can use the following:

gzip -dc asWedit-4.0-sgi.irix5.tar.gz | tar xvf -

(the distribution will be placed into asWedit-4.0 directory).
NOTE about gzip format.
As of version 3.0, asWedit is distributed in this, well compressed format. If you do not have this program yet, you should consider getting it. It is readily available as pre-built binaries for many systems as well as in a source form on the Internet. Alternatively, many servers will uncompress gzip-ed files "on-the-fly" when you do not give the ".gz" extension (this will however increase significantly the amount of data transferred and is not recommended).

International resources

If you want to use a localized version please download a resource file, appropriate for your language, from the i18n-resources directory. For example, to get the German resources please download the following file:

License and installation

When you obtain the software please read and accept the terms of the License Agreement.
Please read the installation information contained in the INSTALL file.


NOTE: below the asterisk (*) means a completely new or dramatically improved feature in ver. 4.0.

HTML features

General features

International information

Localized resource files are available for the following languages: English (default), Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. Commands and messages are localized for each language but the on-line help is available only in English (U.S.). Some localizations are incomplete though, especially in the HTML modes.

More information

More information, including details about ASWedit - the commercial version of asWedit - is available on the AdvaSoft Web site: http://www.advasoft.com .
Commercial information about ASWedit can also be requested by sending E-mail to: info@advasoft.com .
Andre Stochniol